Friday, October 3, 2008

Much More Than A Cute Sling!!

I am a big supporter of babywearing. I love to keep my littlest one close. It makes him feel more secure and it gives him a chance to see more of the world. It would be impossible to carry him everywhere without a sling! I have tried so many different slings. Cute Slings are available in beautiful prints and patterns.
Perfect for mom AND dad! Carry your baby or toddler and he can see so much more. Your baby will cry less and sleep better. But the biggest bonus is having your hands free to chase down that older runaway child! To interact with other children or to simply get things done!
Inside or out, you will be dependant on your sling. And that's not a bad thing either. Doing simple chores when you have a baby will be possible. And those bulky infant carriers and strollers? Leave them in the car and grab your sling and GO!
"All sizes include extra soft leg padding for hip or tummy to tummy carry comfort, strategically placed pocket and toy loop!" They offer a HUGE selection and a great how to page! So if you are a beginner, this step by step guide will ensure that you are confident and your baby secure as you try these techniques. Bonding has never been easier. Let your child be a part of your life, not apart from your life! Visit for yours! Also, check out their nursing covers! A review will be posted at a later date!

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