Thursday, November 22, 2012

Travel Gear

When we travel, my husband brings along a lot of stuff. The backseat is filled with kids, bags, DVDs, DVD players, and a few toys. Since my husband is a paramedic, he also takes along his trauma bag- just in case. I'd settle for a smaller bag filled with first aid supplies and maybe bug spray and sunscreen. My husband likes to be over prepared! Maybe I'll be thankful one day! As long as you travel with kids, you need a few travel supplies! That is something we agree on. We always take blankets and snacks. If we are taking a longer trip, we always have a cooler filled with ice and drinks. I've never been in an emergency situation where I needed these things, but it's a great feeling to know that we are prepared.

If you are planning another type of trip, like backpacking or camping, you still need the basics along with extra survival gear. It's important to plan everything and make sure you are prepared. You may need light sticks, a whistle, pots for cooking, and an easy way to start a fire. I don't know about you, but I'd probably never have a fire if I had to rub two sticks together. It can be hard to carry everything you need and that's why I like gear that can be used for multiple purposes. My husband has a great hydration rucsack that has a reservoir inside that can be filled with clean water. It's a wonderful feature because he can carry his travel gear safely and have an emergency supply of drinking water. The next time you plan a trip, find out more about the area and start preparing by packing the items you may need!

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