Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our First Treatment: The Strawberry Laser

I worked for a plastic surgeon for years. I've gone to medical conferences and listened to how amazing lasers could be. Until recently, I never had first hand knowledge of how wonderful they truly are. If you were overweight, there was lipo. You had much better results if you were already thin (I was back then) and just had tough problem areas. Let me tell you a thing or two about liposuction. It is BRUTAL. After watching and assisting with it, I would never do it. The idea of a long cannula being forcefully guided around in my fatty layer is not something I would ever consider. Even the opportunity to have it free, and working there we were given the opportunity to have one free surgical procedure a year, wasn't enough to tempt me. I turned it down. There are also some issues that can occur with liposuction. First off, you end up with scars. You also could end up with uneven contouring. You have swelling that can take a long time to go away. There is also a risk of infection and even death. No thanks. A few weeks ago, I heard about a laser that could sculpt your body and break down fat. I was interested. The more I found, the more I wanted to have a treatment. I received a call, was given more information, and invited to have treatments to see how the machine worked. I can't wait to tell you about my experience.
The Technical Information
About The Strawberry Laser:

The LiLa Strawberry laser, is a Class II Medical Device and rated as a Class 3b low-level cold red laser. The LiLa Strawberry Laser, stimulates the adipocyte (fat) cells, resulting in those cells becoming porous; breaking down stored triglycerides into free fatty acids, glycerol, and water, then releasing them via the channels in the cell membranes. The expelled fat and fluids are released and then metabolized naturally and processed throughout the body’s lymphatic system; this process mirrors the same natural method of the body when it processes usable triglycerides. Being non-invasive and laser focused, the treatment is safe and effective and will not harm surrounding structures, vessels, nerves, or cell walls.

The inch loss results are maintained and accumulate over a series of treatments when the patient contributes to the process through a balanced nutrition and exercise

In a nutshell the laser zaps the fat, makes it porous, causing fatty acids and fluids leak out out of the fat cell  (making the fat cell smaller) and then your body breaks down the fatty acids and fluids and gets rid of it. You will pass it out of the body as sweat or urine.  The laser doesn't harm anything else in your body. It is also FDA Cleared!

I made arrangements with the President and Master Trainer of Lila of Georgia for an in home demonstration. She came to my house and spent time talking about the machine. I can't tell you how many times I said "Wow." This tiny machine is capable of so much. An attachment can be used for bags under the eyes, facelifts, stretch marks, and of course, body sculpting. They can even sculpt your arms and thighs!!! I want that! My husband wanted to take part and have a seesion too. He doesn't need as much help as I do, but he does want to lose a few inches from his waist. Krista measured us and took before photos. Afterwards, she started wrapping me with the laser paddles that were connected to a large Velcro belt. So far so good. I had to lay back on the couch and she set a timer. Ten minutes later, she adjusted the belt and we waited ten more minutes while the laser worked its magic. While I was laying there, all I felt was this wonderful warmth coming from the belt. It was soothing and completely pain free. I could sit back and relax, talk, or read a book. It was nice! When the timer went off, the belt was removed, I was measured again, and I posed for after shots. With my husband, he went through the same procedure. When he stood up, I thought I could see a little difference, and I couldn't believe how many inches he lost when I heard his total! 
My husband lost a total of nine inches. It isn't nine inches from one point on his abdomen, but the total loss from three points (upper, middle lower) on his abdomen. My results were also enough to make me giddy. I lost 6.4 inches in 20 minutes! We will also continue losing inches over the next few days. We were told to hydrate and exercise after Krista left. When the treatment is done in an office setting, you are put on a vibration machine to help drain the lymph system, burn fatty acids and also improve circulation. We will be going for another treatment Tuesday and I am really excited to see how these photos will compare to those. One thing that scared me about being overweight is losing weight and having sagging skin. With the Strawberry Laser, each treatment tightens your skin. You can watch videos here! Follow LiLa Body Contouring on Facebook for more great information!
Disclosure: Please seek the advice of a doctor before having treatments. The results shown above are mine and my husband's and while I expect you to have similar results, I have no control over the outcome. The photos above have not been retouched. I did not pay for these treatments and I did not receive financial compensation to post this. If you would like to speak to me regarding my treatment of experience, you can find me on Facebook. My link is on the sidebar.


  1. Excellent ..... Keep us informed how the process goes for you.

    1. Thanks Marc. I definitely will. Going to Atlanta tomorrow for the second treatment! I'll post a follow up of that treatment by Thursday night. Have a great week!

  2. how is your inch loss coming along? I am thinking of doing it. Do you recommend?

  3. how is your inch loss coming along? I am thinking of doing it. Do you recommend?

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