Thursday, July 24, 2008

Insect Free Summer Days!

Summer! It means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To me, it's lazy days spent outdoors with my kids. It means I better stock up on some serious sunscreen and while I am at it, I better prepare to go to war with those pesky insects. My defense is the Don't Bite Me! Patch. It's natural insect protection and it works! It is made with Vitamin B1 and Aloe Vera! The Vitamin B1 is absorbed into your bloodstream and creates an odor that camouflages the odor of the carbon dioxide, which is naturally produced by our bodies. The carbon dioxide is what attracts those biting bugs! Don't Bite Me! is DEET free and has a very light fragrance(smells like vitamins) which is completely non irritating to my skin. No more nasty sprays! It's safe for children (my Logan is thankful), works for up to thirty-six hours and best of all, it's WATERPROOF! You can shower and swim without having to worry. Just apply the patch about two hours before you need it. Be careful when you remove from it's backing. It is very thin, and sometimes it sticks to itself, which can be a real pain. Check it out at

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