Thursday, September 18, 2008

Downsize With My Royal Heinie

When I was pregnant for the first time, I remember going shopping for that perfect diaper bag. It was large enough to hold all of my necessities, and then some. I did the same thing this time around, forgetting about all of those times I left the bag at home because it was too much to handle. Why carry a big bulky bag when you don't need one? All you need are your diapers and wipes, maybe a onesie and a changing pad, and a small bag for those dirty diapers. My Royal Heinie holds it all! Simplify your life and leave the bulk at home. Travel lighter and you too will wonder why you ever bothered lugging around those big bags. Machine washable, water-repellent/stain-resistant exterior, with 100% waterproof lining makes this a practical bag for everyday use. Two compartments help keep you organized (with room for 6 diapers and a large stack of wipes) and an adjustable strap can be used as a wristlet, shoulder bag, or stroller attachment. My favorite feature is the Built-In Smart Wipes Dispenser, which gives you easy access to those wipes when you need one quick. Load your wipes directly into the bag, and eliminate those bulky cases so you will have more room for something that you do need! Made in the USA, and available in fun styles and colors! Visit and pick out one today! Makes a great gift for an expecting mom or for yourself.

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