Saturday, October 4, 2008

Snikiddy Snacks - Approved By Mom!

When you open a bag of Snikiddy Snacks, be prepared. The crunching and the munching will last until that last little crumb disappears. These little snacks are awesome! Flavorful and light, moms and dads will enjoy them right along with the kids. These snacks are organic. No nasty chemicals and no Trans Fat! Pop a Grilled Cheese Puff and discover the ultimate pleasure of a grilled cheese sensation in one little bite. They taste even better than they sound. I opened a package for my oldest and before long, it turned into a family affair. Crunch after delicious crunch, we were soon fighting over that last puff. Stock up at or visit for more information. There are several tasty varieties to tempt your palate. With 20% fewer calories and 30% less fat than other leading brands, you may not feel as guilty when you open that second bag!

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