Monday, February 23, 2009

Take Your High Chair With You!

The Phil and Teds metoo portable high chair is the perfect solution for home, travel or dining out. Inspired by European designs, Phil and Teds created a high chair that can go anywhere, fit almost any table, and fold so compactly that storage space becomes a non-issue. The high quality aluminum frame is strong and durable and incredibly light. The whole seat weighs in at only 2 pounds, but can support child weight up to 40 pounds! The Phil and Teds metoo takes children's safety seriously, providing a 3-point seat belt for extra security. The metoo arrives ready to use and it is folded in a pizza style box. All you do is lift the chair out and install it on your table or counter. Be sure you do not attach it to non-sturdy tables, glass or pedestal tables. The metoo is perfect for home, taking up very little space. It is small and lightweight enough to fit in your diaper bag, making it perfect for travel or dining out. Your baby will love being part of the conversation AT the table and you will not have to make room for a bulky free standing high chair! The metoo is available in several different colors and retails for around $50. Visit for more information and be sure to check out their other great products!

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