Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're Going Uptown! Or Is It Midtown?

My husband was born and raised in New York. He is very proud of it too! When I saw these adorable onesies and shoes, I was thrilled! I'll never forget my first taxi adventure. My little one laughed with glee as he was tossed around in the back seat. It's a good thing he was between his white knuckled mommy and his "I've done this before" daddy. I quickly got over that roller coaster without hills ride and I am left with memories of our first great family adventure! Seeing Bibi & Mimi's New Yorker onesies and shoes brought back those memories. Playful designs in 100% soft cotton are perfect for giving. They arrive in an adorable gift box! Organic onesies are also available! You cannot complete the look without matching shoes! There adorable, soft and supple leather shoes coordinate beautifully with their onesies! Suede soles keep your little one from slipping and they are perfect for indoor and some outdoor wear! If city themes are not for you, pick from a variety of other styles! I'm loving their Dinosaur and Frog shoes!
Visit Bibi & Mimi's shop and find an assortment of great products! Pick up a few pairs of socks! They offer a wonderful variety for little girls and boys! I'm also a big fan of their Diaper Bag Doties! The ergonomically shaped shoulder strap looks comfortable and the light weight, water and stain resistant fabric means I'll have less to worry about! We all know what a leaky bottle can do!
If you are looking for big city style, visit www.bibiandmimi.com and check out their products You'll love their designs and prices too! Their quality made products are durable and perfect for active babies and toddlers!

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