Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I am a Ghost Hunter junkie, which led to being a Ghost Hunters International junkie. I never, under any circumstances, miss a show. I've since added to my DVR schedule the crazy team from Ghost Adventures. And yes, they are crazy, and that's an understatement, but I like them! You should see the things they do! I guess that's why I watch them. I would love to go on a ghost hunt, but I am a self proclaimed chicken. I think I could hold it together, unless of course, something grabbed me or jumped out at me. I am fascinated with it all. The EVP's give me the creeps. It would be after the investigation, while going through evidence, that a finding might cause me to run away screaming and never look back. I would stay in a haunted hotel, and I might consider planning a trip just to go to one! Curious I am. When you have a book of haunts, with all the contact information you need, the only question is, "Should I stay or should I go?" I am considering a few! Road trip anyone? This Halloween, go to bed with Jeff Belanger, one of the world's leading paranormal investigators. The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places is the perfect ending to the day. It is filled with ghostly locales and eyewitness accounts that may not scare you out of your wits, but it will have you wondering if you are really alone. Canada, Oh Canada. Land of many things that go bump in the night. Paranormal Investigators and Researchers take you into the world beyond with their hair raising encounters. You will learn the history of places like The Vogue Theatre and The Hermitage Ruins. Interesting places with interesting activity. America, land of the free! However, there are some souls that aren't so free. You certainly have your share of fantastic haunts. A few that I am familiar with, and some that I am not. At least not yet! The Encyclopedia of Haunted Places shares sinister tales of Eastern State Penitentiary and Fort Delaware. Travel south and stay at Myrtles Plantation where you may catch a glimpse of a former slave, or wake the dead at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah! Travel west and find shelter at the infamous Stanley Hotel. Go beyond our borders and hear horrifying tales of Leap Castle and it's elemental force of evil. Or, venture into Romania and seek out Bran Castle. Just watch out for Vlad. He still has a hold on his victims. Listen closely and you may hear the moans of a tortured past. You may not even need an electronic voice recorder! You will hear tales of residuals and intelligent haunts for each destination. Some investigative findings are also shared. Contact information for each locale is listed, so aspiring ghost hunters or those simply curious can seek their own answers. I loved this book. It isn't filled with your usual scary stories that have been embellished beyond the point of being believable. It is a great collection of stories from various paranormal investigators compiled and edited by Jeff Belanger, founder of! Have a ghost story of your own! I'd love to hear! This guide included a section just for you! It will tell you exactly what to look for in a paranormal investigator! Order your book before the big day and relax to the tales of the supernatural. Maybe you will have your own story to add soon!

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