Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sweet Dreams With BedVoyage!

Our BedVoyage giveaway is in full swing and we are loving the comments! We have probably all had a bad hotel sheets experience. On our last return trip home from NYC, we decided to detour and stop along the Outer Banks for a little R & R before finally settling in to our old routine. Thanks to Nicholas Sparks, I had been eager to see the area for myself. His books always paint the most charming pictures of the Outer Banks and I wanted the chance to fall in love with the area in person. We stopped at the Cape and we looked everywhere for a hotel chain. They were practically nonexistent, so we tried a "nice" appearing hotel. Since we had driven straight through, we were exhausted and ready to shower and nap before heading to the beach. My husband took the first shower and I decided to get out a sleeper for Logan. While my husband was in the shower, I pulled back the sheets on one of the beds. I have never been more disgusted! A big juicy bug was squashed on the sheets! I began screaming for my husband to promptly get out of the shower and I began packing. My husband dressed and called the desk. They informed us that bugs were a way of life if you are oceanfront. We would find them anywhere we stayed! We were told to be out within 5 minutes to get our rate refunded. It did not take that long! We drove back to Kitty Hawk and found the Hilton. And guess what? No bugs, and the room was oceanfront! I rested easier. Still, are hotel linens ever really clean? How often are comforters and blankets washed? Never mind. I don't want to know. I will be taking My BedVoyage Organic Bamboo sheets with me from now on! So what's your story? Send an email to BedVoyage before Nov. 28, 2009 and tell them all about it! You can win a luxurious set of sheets for home or travel! See details and enter here! You can also save 15% off your order when you make a purchase from BedVoyage using the coupon/promotion code 2GERBERBABIES! So Night Night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite! BedVoyage has you covered day or night!

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