Sunday, May 29, 2011

It's The Little Things: Jekyll Island, Georgia

During our recent trip to Jekyll Island, we stayed in a beautiful villa, visited various attractions and had wonderful things to eat. If you're like me, you go on a vacation and try to take it all in. The sights, the sounds. You want to experience the local hot spots and hit the major attractions. I'll take you on a tour of all the attractions in my next post. For this post, let's start with a question. If you visit Jekyll Island and take the road less traveled, what will you find?
Sea creatures. And lots of them! Logan had fun picking up little shells with different creatures living inside. Don't worry, no animals (or children) were harmed in the creation of this post. Walking along the beach we found more shells, crab, and jellyfish. We saw several fish in the shallows and dolphins playing in the waves. They swam close to us, which made Logan a little nervous. I'm not certain that he was convinced they were dolphins!
Sam found a few creatures too. Dozens of furry little caterpillars covered our patio and beyond. Sam and Logan had a lot of fun finding them (it wasn't hard) and counting them. It was a welcome distraction!
Close to the nature center, we found this little crab (pictured below) scurrying around. When Sam gave up trying to catch him, the crab returned to the bank along the saltwater pond. Two nights in a row we were returned to our villa after dinner, only to find a pair of raccoons lurking around in the dark. I think they were looking for treats left out by an unsuspecting guest. Either that, or they were plotting. With raccoons, you never know! They didn't bother us and they kept their distance. One night, after leaving the marina where we took a Sunset Dolphin Cruise, we decided to drive down Riverview Drive. In less than half a mile, we spotted about twenty deer roaming the tidy neighborhoods, eating flowers and yard clippings. We drove slow after we discovered the first, rolling down the windows and searching for them! They seemed to be everywhere and they didn't seem to be afraid of us our our vehicle. One walked within a few feet of us after we stopped along the road for a better look. I think the deer rule the island and they proudly patrol the quiet yards and streets in search of a midnight snack!
Jekyll Island is a bird lover's paradise. Take a walk on one of many nature trails and see what you can find! Don't forget your binoculars! Jekyll Island also has a few alligators that make their home close to the nature center. Fortunately we missed those! I'll tell you about what could have been a near miss with these beasts in my next post! 
If you are looking for a slower paced vacation, look no further. Exploring the island will help you uncover hidden little gems. Trust me, there's plenty to be found. I discovered the perfect spot for a picnic lunch with a view that's hard to beat. It's close to the public boat ramp and it was quiet when we stopped to take this picture.
 If you're staying on Jekyll Island, you'll want to visit the beach for sure. There are several beaches to choose from. St. Andrews Beach and Glory Beach are located along the southern end of the island. Here you will find locals fishing, children splashing, and a few families enjoying picnics. It's calm and peaceful, and well worth the little hike over the dunes.
 On the northern end of the island, you'll find Clam Creek Picnic Area and fishing pier. This was my favorite side of the island. There are several beautiful trails and if you're in the mood, you can go horseback riding. The real draw for me is Driftwood Beach. Here, you will find a spectacular scene and a great photo op.
 The coastline is littered with massive trees, some half buried in the sand. The wind has etched intricate lines into the wood creating unique, one-of-a-kind art. It's breathtakingly beautiful and I'm glad I didn't miss it. The kids enjoyed climbing trees and taking in the views of the ocean. Several locals fished here and a few couples held hands as they walked along the beach.
 Jekyll Island is a great place to visit. Visit ruins, play tennis, or practice your golf swing. Kayak or take a canoe trip! It's all up to you. Enjoy warm southern hospitality on this relaxed little island where the pace is slow and the days are long. Jekyll Island is a charming historic community and they are ready to welcome you and your family. Make plans and get ready for a unique experience!

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