Thursday, June 2, 2011

Jekyll Island: Sunset Dolphin Cruise

We love the water and we love boats. When we were offered tickets for a Dolphin Cruise, we were excited and couldn't wait for this adventure! We went on the Sunset Dolphin Cruise our first evening . It was by far, the most entertaining evening I've had in some time. After meeting our Captain and his lovely "Admiral" we couldn't stop smiling! They entertained us all and the kids had the time of their life!
Captain Adam and his wife Jamie took us out for an amazing trip. Landmarks were pointed out and we were told stories about some of these places as we cruised along! We did see dolphins on several occasions. After a beautiful tour looking for dolphins, our Captain dropped a net and we waited to find out what we would catch.
Jamie filled a bucket for "our catch" and we patiently waited. When the net was brought up, we watched in awe as the creatures were placed in the bucket and then passed, one by one, through the boat. It was a real educational opportunity for us all! Logan was able to participate and he had a blast carrying some of the finds through the boat for everyone to see!
Captain Adam and Jamie also took turns showing us some of the Georgia wildlife! We saw a horseshoe crab, shrimp, fish, and a few other sea creatures! The cruise was informative and fun, and it was laced with humor from start to finish! They made you feel at home on the roomy boat and this was a cruise that I would definitely take again. Check out these pictures!
 The sunset was magical. We all snapped plenty of pictures and enjoyed the remainder of the trip, wishing it would last a little longer than it did. When it was over, we left with new friends. Thank you Jamie and Adam for showing us a different side of Jekyll Island! I highly recommend your tour!
Disclosure: My family was provided with tickets in exchange for this post.

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