Monday, June 27, 2011

St. Francis Inn: Your Wake Up Call!

 I am not an early bird and I cringe at the thought of getting up before 8. Spoiled? Maybe. While staying at the St. Francis oceanside property, Our Beach House, I eagerly set my clock each morning for 6am, just to make it in time for breakfast. It wasn't a requirement on my part, but after our first breakfast experience, I had to have it again and again! If I wasn't spoiled before, I am now!
 The Belgium Waffles were my favorite and we had them twice during our stay. These homemade waffles were delicious and they were unlike any I've had. The maple syrup and homemade whipped cream weren't even necessary, but how could I resist? One morning, I enjoyed a fabulous Strawberry Soup. It tasted like strawberry ice cream dripping off a sugar cone. Sweet and just a little intense, it was a delicious cold treat that showcased the exquisite freshness of the strawberries! Logan loved the yogurt (pictured below) and he had it twice during our stay!
We also enjoyed several other dishes including Cheesy Eggs and Country Ham, which Logan couldn't get enough of! Freshly squeezed orange juice called my name each morning. It was wonderful! Milk was also available along with cereal and granola options! A tea and coffee station offered many choices and flavored syrups took your cup of coffee from great to better with a simple pump! Packets of hot cocoa mix were also available!
 They thought of everything! I couldn't wait to get to breakfast each morning. Logan ate more than he's ever eaten in the past. I sat there amazed, watching him eat bite after bite, wondering where he was putting it all! Sam even surprised us! I didn't see one disappointed face in all the mornings I sat in the dining room!
 The food was plentiful and the staff kept it coming, making sure we were all satisfied and ready for new adventures in St. Augustine! The guests also played a big part in making us feel welcome. It was nice to be greeted by guests as if we were long time friends! If you are not staying at a Bed and Breakfast, that's just one of the things you are missing! Want to know what else you are missing? Check back soon!

Disclosure: Breakfast was provided to us as guests of Our Beach House!

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