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When I registered for college, the first class I signed up for was SCUBA. I took it several times (during and after college) because I loved the experience so much! I will never forget the first time I dove to the bottom of a pool and used my regulator and tank. It was amazing! Not having to come up for air and being able to relax and enjoy my dive gave me the most amazing feeling. I LOVED it! Diving in the ocean and experiencing the life that surrounded me is one of the greatest experiences of my life. The colors were bright and beautiful (which is an understatement) and watching the movement of all that life was deeply relaxing! Our classes during college (and optional certification) depended on our instructors, so it varied each semester. PADI is a great organization and the instructors were thorough. If I had never taken a previous course, my instruction would have prepared me well for my certification dive.If you have never experienced diving, I highly recommend it. It's MAGICAL!

PADI, the world's largest diver training organization, today announced its “Countdown to 20 Million” campaign, which will award a fantastic trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to the diver who receives the 20 millionth PADI scuba certification. PADI has been tracking certifications and will announce the winner after this goal has been reached.

“It is incredible to see what started as an idea by Ralph Erickson and John Cronin nearly 45 years ago, has grown into ‘the way the world learns to dive,’” says Brian Cronin, chief executive officer for PADI Worldwide. “The fact that PADI is nearing its 20 millionth certification is a testament to the power and wisdom of their vision, as well as the talent and dedication of PADI Instructors across the globe. We are proud that this organization has been able to introduce people to new life changing experiences through diving, and we look forward to the next 20 million.”

The diver to receive PADI’s 20 millionth certification will win an all-expenses paid trip for two to explore natural wonder of the world, the Great Barrier Reef, and other local attractions such as the World Heritage listed Daintree Rainforest, courtesy of Tourism Queensland. Dive excursions out to the Great Barrier Reef will be provided by MV Spirit of Freedom, which includes a three-day, three-night liveaboard adventure to iconic dive sites such as Cod Hole and the stunning Ribbon Reefs. In addition, the PADI Instructor to issue the 20 millionth diver certification and the affiliated dive center or resort will each receive a trip to Australia.

A “Countdown to 20 Million Certifications” counter has launched on the PADI website that provides daily updates as the organization approaches this achievement, which they expect to reach by late September. The promotion applies to both new and experienced divers who obtain any level of scuba certification at one of the more than 6,000 PADI Dive Centers or Resorts worldwide. Visit for the most up-to-date countdown number and to find the nearest PADI dive location.
About PADI
PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world's largest diver training organization, with more than 135,000 trained PADI Professionals dedicated to introducing new divers to the thrill of scuba diving and enhancing the skills of experienced divers through its 6,000 dive centers and resorts worldwide. PADI Members obtain close to 1,000,000 certifications worldwide each year, advancing and encouraging the exploration of the ocean, while maintaining the highest industry standards for dive training, safety and customer service. For more information, visit

About Queensland
The Australian state of Queensland is home to the natural wonder of the world, the Great Barrier Reef. At over 1400 miles long, the Great Barrier Reef is the most extensive reef system in the world with stunning colored coral, over 1500 species of fish, a myriad of marine life and is visible from outer space. Above the water, there's stunning landscapes with over 900 tropical islands and coral cays, palm fringed pure white beaches, ancient World Heritage listed rainforest, birds and native animals. Queensland's capital city Brisbane is easily accessed via direct non-stop flights from Los Angeles and Dallas.
Disclosure: I was under no obligation to share this post. Honest opinions (regarding PADI and diving) given based on previous personal experiences.

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