Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On-The-Go Baby Food-Peter Rabbit Organics!

Before I found out about Peter Rabbit Organics, I traveled with glass jars of baby food (if I had a baby or toddler) and Cheerios. It was always a pain in the you know what because I that meant keeping the glass jars from breaking and forgotten dirty spoons in my diaper bag. Sometimes if I was in a hurry to leave, I forgot about snacks and baby food altogether, which always ended in tears if we traveled more than an hour or two from home. More times than I can count, I ended up stopping at a convenience store to pick up a box of cereal or some other not so great alternative. After discovering Peter Rabbit Organics more than a year ago, life really did change drastically. I always kept about 10 pouches in my bag and Logan and Sam had a nutritious, organic snack anytime they needed it. The best part was not having dirty spoons collect in the pocket of my bag! The pouches have an easy to remove top and the stem of the pouch is smooth. I can squeeze the contents of the pouches into bowls with oatmeal or my children can just suck on them, which is great because there's no mess! Their favorite flavor is the Apple and Grape. My husband also loves this and he said it's the best applesauce he's ever had! I like it too. It's not too sweet! This year, I found out they also offer veggie pouches. Sam tried these recently and he liked almost all of them. His least favorite? Pea, Spinach, and Apple! These pouches are ideal for quick snacks at home and they're perfect for the road! Get yours here!
Disclosure: I was sent pouches in order to complete this review and pouches to share! Look for a giveaway soon on The Gerber Babies Blog!

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