Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shout Her Lovely Name: Book Review

Mothers and daughters ride the familial tide of joy, pride, regret, loathing, and love in these stories of resilient and flawed women. In a battle between a teenage daughter and her mother, wheat bread and plain yogurt become weapons. An aimless college student, married to her much older professor, sneaks cigarettes while caring for their newborn son you know what right out of me. . On the eve of her husband’s fiftieth birthday, a pilfered fifth of rum, an unexpected tattoo, and rogue teenagers leave a woman questioning her place. And in a suite of stories, we follow capricious, ambitious single mother Ruby and her cautious, steadfast daughter Nora through their tumultuous life — stray men, stray cats, and psychedelic drugs — in 1970s California. Gimlet-eyed and emotionally generous, achingly real and beautifully written, these unforgettable stories lay bare the connection and conflict in families. Shout Her Lovely Name heralds the arrival of a powerful new writer.
I was given the opportunity to review this book. The first page instantly sucks you into the world of trials and tribulations between mother and daughter. It's a page turner and the content is feisty and intriguing. I can't remember the last time I immersed myself in so much drama. It was a great book and the stories really bring out the salt /vinegar and sugar/honey in a true mother/daughter relationship. While I'd like to look back and say my own relationship with my mom was perfect, now that I'm a mom, I can see things from a different perspective and this book brought me great joy and scared the you know what right out of me. This collection of stories covers many different issues. It gives you a rare glimpse into the lives of other families. I recommend it. Maybe you'll walk away like I did. With a little more understanding and appreciation. Get it at Amazon!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.

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