Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sports Gear For The Holidays!

I really had no idea what I wanted to get the kids for Christmas this year. I knew what they wanted from Santa, but they don't usually ask for much so I didn't have much to go on for their other gifts. One day I was browsing a website and trying to get a few ideas for Christmas. I found exactly what I wanted and the price was really great! I wanted to find gifts that would encourage them to go outside and play. I think I scored! I found sports equipment and ordered a few different items for my kids. I found a new baseball tee for my oldest. I ordered it. He loves to play, but he doesn't always have a pitcher! I hope he likes it! He'll be able to play more often now. He already has all the other sports gear he needs to play baseball!

A couple of months ago, my kids snuck away to a neighbors yard to play basketball. Since I have recovered from that scare, I decided to get them their own basketball system. I also bought them each a basketball. Hopefully that will keep them from fighting! Maybe it will keep them from sneaking to the neighbor's house in the future too! I really wanted to get them more sports gear. I wish I could take them somewhere to play hockey. I think it's a cool sport. Of course, I'd probably make them stop if the kids are as rough as the adults. I'm a little overprotective!w

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