Monday, July 1, 2013

Away We Go Media's Summer Reading Club Rules & Book List

Hello! Welcome to the official launch of Away We Go Media's Summer Reading Club.

We are so excited to have you participating and reading with us. Yes, we do read all the time and have read the very same books we are asking you to read this Summer.

Below you will find the rules of the club with what exactly we expect from you and what you can expect from us. You will also find the entire reading club list.
Please read all of this carefully.

1. As originally stated at sign up, this club is for 8-16 years olds only.
2. Each book you read on the list and review is counted as one entry in the giveaway.
3. You must e-mail each books review separately to our Away We Go Media account:
AwayWeGoMedia   Your review will not count unless you do it this way.
4. Your parents originally agreed to allow us to post your review publicly on our blog here, on Facebook and on the particular authors page that the book is associated with. This still stands. Your full name will not be used and only your first name or the pen name you gave us. Our Ambassadors will be noted as such.
5. If your parent(s) has an Amazon or Goodreads account we ask that they cross post your reviews to the authors pages. It would be a very nice thank you to them.
6. The reviews are to be done by you, the reader only. We are not wanting to see your parent's view, we want to see yours. If the review is written by hand simply take a photo of the review and post it to our e-mail, other wise just send us the link to your typed review. The minimum required for reviews are 3-4 sentences for shorter books and 5-8 sentences for a longer book. This is just a minimum. Do not copy the books and cheating not tolerated.
NOTE:Please make sure in the following with each review: you note what book you are reviewing, your name and parents name and if you are an ambassador. We will not be able to know or credit you other wise just by an e-mail address.
7. Photos of yourself reading the books and drawn pictures are encouraged.
8. There will be prizes given away at the end of this Summer Club. We will be giving away two basic Kindles: One (1) for ages 8-12 and One (1) for ages 13-16. One (1) second prize of a $25 Toys R Us Gift Card will be given away and One (1)third prize of a $20 Amazon gift card will also be given away. All entries will be drawn by and will be final. There will be no substitutions.
9. If you have any problems contact us at or better yet, leave us a message on our Facebook page.
10. Have a great time this Summer and thanks for reading along with us.

Required Book List
Tomas Trujillo-"Catch The Wind"

Linda Cadose-"The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx"
                    -"The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle"

Carole P. Roman- "I Want To Do Yoga Too"
                         - "If You Were Me and Lived In Mexico"
                         - "If You Were Me and Lived In France"
                         - "If You Were Me and Lived In South Korea"
                         -  "Captain No Beard"
                         - " Stuck In The Doldrums"
                         - "Peppers Problems With Patience"
                         - "Strangers On The High Seas"

In addition we want you to pick three (3) of your own titles of books and do a review on them. We want to see what you like to read!

Happy Reading,
The Away We Go Media Team

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