Tuesday, September 2, 2014

After Six Treatments With The Strawberry Laser!

My heart broken when I read Shannon Britton's story on CNN. I was so happy for her weight loss and taking control of her health, but the end result wasn't exactly what she expected. She had gastric bypass surgery and lost amost 270 pounds. One of the issues she had after losing the weight was something that has scared me as I started my own weight loss journey. She was left with sagging skin that would cost another $15,000+ to remove. And that means more scars and risks.

I haven't lost even close to that, nor do I need to, but one thing I have said since the first day using the Strawberry Laser is that it has tightened my skin. I also believe ( I am not a doctor-seek your own advice from a physician) that this laser treatment, used in conjunction with any weight loss surgery, can minimize the sagging skin and help eliminate some of the surgeries you will need (if not all) so you can have the end result you envisioned. As a bonus, it also helps with stretch marks. With my own weight loss, my biggest fear is that I will be left with a deflated stomach. It may be flatter, but will hang over and cause horrible issues for me and my self esteem. I have been amazed with my results after each laser treatment and I am inspired each time I go back for treatments, because the results only take twenty minutes. I like that immediate gratification and it makes it so much easier to exercise and eat better, because I know when I go back, that I will be even smaller than I was the previous week and my skin will be tighter too. I have seen the results on someone else which gives me hope. Their skin tightened up and they were left with a bikini ready body. Fingers crossed. That is what I am hoping for one day.

Below are photos after six treatments! We have come a long way! I was down 30 pounds, but this week I was sick and drank high calorie protein drinks and I didn't exercise. I gained about 5 pounds back. Tomorrow is treatment number 7, and while I know I may have gained some of what I've lost, I know the fault is mine and I will work harder next week to make sure I can post some more great news!

If you have any questions about my experience, please message me on facebook or send me an email. I would be glad to tell you more.

Disclosure: Please seek the advice of a doctor before having treatments. The results shown above are mine and my husband's and while I expect you to have similar results, I have no control over the outcome. The photos above have not been retouched. I did not pay for these treatments and I did not receive financial compensation to post this. If you would like to speak to me regarding my treatment or experience, you can find me on Facebook. My link is on the sidebar.

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