Thursday, May 28, 2015

Eco Summer Fun with the Kids

If you ask most moms and dads, every day should be Mother's Day. And that probably goes double if you're talking about the mother of us all: Mother Earth. That is one great lady who definitely deserves more appreciation than she gets. Sure, Earth Day is fantastic, but it's just not enough!

So, as school's summer vacation season unfurls before us, it's a fine time to teach our kids to honor our mother by learning how to understand and protect her. It's never too soon to get the next generation thinking about the environment and preserving our planet. So why not spend some of that extra school-vacation quality time with our kids doing things that help them learn why conserving resources is a smart and fun thing to do.

With that in mind, the folks at Think Earth cooked up some great jumping off points and eco-tivities to get the ball rolling, helping young kids realize, for instance, that products come from nature—which is of course why we need to preserve our limited and renewable resources.

Providing shareable videos as well as eco-themed bedtime stories, songs, posters, worksheets and colorable pictures that you can print out, the Think Earth will provide fun all summer long!

As a busy mom, it's doubly nice to have these abstract eco-concepts transformed into hands-on household activities for the little ones, including:

• Shutting off unused lights and appliances
• Conserving paper towels and napkins
• Turning off water while brushing teeth
• The importance of avoiding littering

Bonus: While we're teaching our kids to do the right thing by Mother Earth, we're reminding ourselves to do the same!

Check out all of the eco-fun activities here to keep your kids busy, actively learning and productive all summer long.

For more information, check these out!

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