Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Release!

Silverton County SD-101: Good Choices 

There have always been wolves. 

Creeping and prowling at the edges of the places we think are safe, they remind us the world can be more frightening than we care to admit. They survive by being the worst type of predators we can imagine: predators that are clever enough to learn our moves and patient enough to strike when we least expect it. And as much as we may think our campfires keep us safe, we still feel their eyes on us from the darkness - waiting for a single moment of inattention. Until someone forgets the unfortunate reasons we avoid the dark. 

Yes, there have always been wolves. There will always be wolves. 

But what happens when the wolves are no longer waiting at the edge of darkness, biding their time? What happens when wolves meet you at your front door?

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