Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carry In Style, And Comfort, With The LilyPod

How many times have you left the infant carrier in the car because it was too painful to carry and your arm needed a break? It happened to me often. Not so much in the beginning, when my baby was smaller. But the minute he started putting on weight, I knew I had to do something.
The LilyPod is a plush cushion. They use designer fabrics, exclusive trims, and serious padding for optimum comfort! When you carry the infant carrier in the crook of your arm, the cushion eases the strain and weight of the infant car seat. The LilyPod is made of soft cotton, and is always lined with a coordinating fabric. There are so many beautiful designs available. The thick polyester filling will provide just the right amount of cushion for your arms. You simply velcro the cushion around the handle! They are designed to fit almost all car seat brands.
The LilyPod works great on seatbelts too! If you have trouble with your seatbelt cutting into you, try it out. Provides a little extra cushion in just the right place! It also works great on shopping bags. Remember all those annoying plastic bags that we all end up carrying on our arms? Wrap your LilyPod around the handles and you will be carrying in style, without the discomfort!
Visit and check out their selection. With so many choices available, you will have a hard time deciding which one!

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