Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Inglesina Classica Pram. Romantic and Traditional

The Inglesina Classica is an heirloom quality pram that is much more than a symbol. It is straight from the pages of your classic fairy-tale. The carriages and prams of days long ago. Romantic and traditional, with unmistakable English style. The Inglesina is in a class of its own.
Upon arrival, I carefully opened each box. I was briefly discouraged as I saw numerous parts that needed assembly. After a moments hesitation, I quickly scanned the instructions and realized that there was no need to be intimidated. The "parts" were quickly put together without tools and I had assembled the great Classica in less than 15 minutes. I stood back and admired the beauty and the elegance of the pram. Graceful curves and plush features were breathtaking. The Classica is a work of art. The pram is constructed of solid wood and covered with rich fabric. The pram included an exquisite interior which is machine washable. It is lined in beautiful plush material. The thin mattress was covered with soft fabric and the back was easily adjusted to a raised position. Perfect for a little one, who is eager to look around. The Inglesina label located on the side of the pram is made of beautiful leather trimmed in sparkling silvery glitter. I tried rubbing it to see if it would transfer, and it did not. It was the perfect compliment to the elegant silver embroidered scroll work of flowing flowers and vines (Rosa Perlage) along the pram's sides. The rich leather handle begged me to touch and I knew at once that I had to take it for a stroll.
The Classica moved smoothly with my guidance. I loaded up the enormous stainless basket below with a diaper bag and handbag, and I had plenty of room to spare. My baby was safe and secure tucked inside and he enjoyed the comforts of the plush pram. Delicate curtains shielded my baby from the harsh sun. The apron provided additional protection, but I removed it easily since the weather was too warm. The beautiful hood was simple to raise and lower. Lowering the hood exposes the pram completely. Raising it covers approximately half of the pram. I have been very disappointed that some reviewers complained about the maneuverability of the Classica. This is not a modern stroller with modern amenities. It is old fashioned, refined, and symbolic. It is plush, only the best materials are used. You are trading in your swivels and practicality for all of this. It has been updated to meet current strict quality standards in terms of safety and comfort. Modernizing the Classica would destroy the image of the pram. To turn or change direction, one must pivot. Slightly lift the front wheels and turn. It is quite easy to make these adjustments and stairs are not challenging. The Classica does have a slight bounce. But so do you when you push it! The bounce is not jarring and it gently rocked my baby to sleep. In fact, he only awoke after we stopped moving. The motions quickly had him nodding off again after we began to move.
I decided to test the Inglesina Classica on uneven ground in a park-like setting over the weekend during my husband's employee picnic. Loading the Classica into the back of my 2005 Saab looked like it would be a challenge. The bassinet easily came off after flipping a switch on both sides and gently sliding the bassinet backwards. It loaded easily and took up a little less than half of my trunk. I easily stored my diaper bag inside and also my baby's favorite blanket and teething toys. Next, I flipped the handle by pulling back on a connector. This allowed the handle to flip to the opposite side enabling it to become a little more compact. I tried to put the base in the trunk, but it was a little to large. The wheels were easily removed and the base went in smoothly. The wheels were stacked to the side. Now some of you may be thinking this is an awful lot to go through. It is certainly more practical if you live in the city and you do not have to load it into a car. It would be a lot easier if I owned an SUV. But I must say, the Classica was assembled in about 2 minutes when we arrived at our destination. It may be a little awkward at first, but you will have it in your trunk quickly after you try it a time or two. It takes about twice as long to load/unload the Classica compared to a modern stroller, and it takes up more space. But you will learn that certain items can be placed in the bassinet for travel, and you can also load a few things around the base.
The uneven terrain was no problem for the Classica. My baby was gently rocked a little more, and it was an enjoyable ride. He sat up for a while and then the back was gently laid flat. So many people came up to us and wondered where we found such a beautiful carriage! Many asked if it was an antique. The sophisticated style was a treat for every admirer. As the picnic came to a close, we headed back to the car and loaded the pram into the car in record time. Please note, there is a rear brake if you need it. Later that evening, I took my mother to the mall. Without my husband there to help, I had no problem lifting the beautiful pram out of the car and putting it together. Again, we were stopped so many times that I lost count. I am so impressed by the quality craftsmanship of the Inglesina Classica. Fine details are everywhere you look. The pram is wonderful for use as a bassinet. Use it by your bed and take your baby throughout the house as you move from room to room. Your baby will not be disturbed. Take the bassinet off the base and set it on the floor and you can easily rock it. The pram can be used until your baby is ready to sit up, at around 6 months. When your baby reaches the next stage, do not put the base away! It will hold the beautiful matching toddler seat. The stroller seat is sold separately, and although we have not tried it, I hear it goes on very easily.
Would I recommend it? Absolutely! The Inglesina Classica is an indulgence that should be enjoyed by everyone wanting to live a fairy-tale. We dream of elaborate weddings and plan extravagant affairs, and when baby comes, we should indulge in our romantic sides and have memorable moments as we take a stroll with our baby through the park. As little girls, we pushed carriages, not modern day, impersonal strollers. So go for it! The Classica, although an investment, will be passed down to your children. You will actually use the Classica. It will not sit in a long forgotten corner collecting dolls. I was blissfully happy as I pushed my baby in Italian luxury. It was a day to be remembered. For more information, visit There you will find swatches of the six color choices available. Click on the swatch for details. Please note, when I described the exterior of the pram, I was referring to the Rosa Perlage. If you have questions that were not answered with this review, email me and I will be more than happy to answer your questions.


  1. I just bought one of these second hand and I have no manual for it. Can you tell me how to make sure the wheels are on securely. I lslipped them on the buggy frame but I am clueless as to how to "lock" them on for sure!
    Jo Flemings

  2. I would like to buy Inglesina classica Vaniglia 2016 new
    Can anyone advise me ?
    Thank you.