Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Life Is A Little Sweeter With Hedvig Bourbon!

When I see butterflies and dragonflies, I think of Hedvig Bourbon. Her designs are both vibrant and refreshing. She creates unforgettable gear that will warm your heart and soul. Her fashionable Lucas Diaper Bag and Stroller Tote is functional and perfect for on-the-go parents. The interior is roomy and the exterior print is unique. With a whimsical butterfly applique, this charming bag earns it's place by your side. For those looking to lighten their load, look no further than the gorgeous Judabee Pouch. I'm coveting the one in denim! This diapers and wipe tote has two pockets and you can carry it on your wrist.
The Santo Changing Clutch will hold your diapers and wipes, but it serves double duty as a plush changing pad. Lined with deluxe 100% cotton terry velour, your baby will be changed in the lap of luxury. It's completely washable, so there's no need to stress over leaks. Try the Amelie Stroller Liner. I've never had the pleasure of using a stroller liner, but I hear they are great for creating a clean and cozy environment for your baby in the stroller. One thing I could not do without-The Charlotte Bug Net! We received one and it arrived just in time. The mosquito season here is worse than ever. This net fits over most strollers, prams, carriers and car seats with canopies. The playful butterflies capture the attention of any child and while using it, we were rewarded with endless grins and giggles. It works well and no pesky mosquitoes could find their way around it. It arrives packaged in a fashionable drawstring bag. Tuck one into your stroller basket, the bug net is easily portable. The mesh allows air to move freely, so it was perfect in our hot and humid climate. Visit Hedvig Bourbon and order yours! They are now offering free gift wrapping and shipping for US and Canada shipping on orders over $50. Use coupon code gerberbabies at checkout and enjoy 20% off!

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