Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A Handy Portable High Chair!

When I was pregnant with my oldest child, I received a traditional wooden high chair. I thought it was beautiful and it was very easy to clean. It earned it's own corner in the dining room and it became a hazard if it was left out, which it often was. During midnight runs to the nursery, it was often a source of agony. The legs angled out just enough to catch me in the dark. After many painful collisions, trips, and falls, I retired my beloved wooden high chair and resolved to feed my child as he sat in a walker, and later on a booster seat.
When my youngest was born, I dreaded using that wooden high chair again. It had sentimental value, but I had a love/hate relationship and the hate won over. When my youngest started on solids, I fed him in an activity chair. Around that time I discovered a unique portable high chair that was unlike any other. It could be used at the kitchen or dining room table, at restaurants, grandma's, and it could stand alone with an optional accessory anywhere it was placed! The minui Handysitt! It is everything you ever wanted in a modern high chair and more. Much more. The minui HandySitt is safety certified as a high chair and is designed for children 6 months (as long as they can sit up on their own) to 5 years!

After it's arrival, I was able to assemble it within minutes. The Baby Cushion was included with my shipment and it is essential to keep little ones nice and snug! It works best with children ages 6 -15 months of age. If you’re buying a HandySitt for a child in this age range, be sure to purchase the optional The Baby Cushion! After the age of 3, the safety guard is no longer needed and the HandySitt can then be used as a booster seat. The safety guard is attached to the portable wooden high chair by simply sliding it on. The ends of the guard slip around a "screw". There is one on each side. When tightened, they hold the guard securely in place. The Baby Cushion is washable and it holds up well to the abuse of those first meals! My favorite feature is that it folds flat! Toss it in your suitcase or your trunk for travel. You can even hang it on the wall, out of the way! HandySitt will fit most chairs. Since it is essential to get the proper fit, I recommend checking out their site and watching the detailed videos. The videos are informative and they will show you exactly how to set up and use the minui HandySitt.
HandSitt is easy to use and children of all ages will enjoy it! It is comfortable and allows children to interact with others at the table! Truly a practical choice, it is perfect for home and travel. At only 5 pounds, the minui HandySitt can be held in one hand while you carry your toddler in the other. HandySitt is available in several beautiful finishes. The wood wipes clean with ease, and the sleek modern Danish design will fit most decors. minui products are distributed exclusively in North America by Keiki Enterprises! Purchase one of these ingenious wooden high chairs and use discount code "gerber" to receive $10 off any order of $149 or more! Offer is valid until Sunday, May 24, 9pm PST. Enter it on the second checkout screen before payment info!

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