Thursday, June 4, 2009

For Those That Are Going Places!

When I was expecting the first time around, I didn't give car seats much thought. I wanted safe and I wanted cute. I didn't think ahead and realize that in another year, I'd end up making another expensive purchase. The First Years Comfort Fit Convertible Car Seat solves that problem for many moms and dads. It's cute, it's safe, and it stays with your child.
Here are the standard features:

Transitional Convertible Car Seat
Features Airline-Approved Design, Side Impact Panels, 5-Point Harness, Built-In Head Support
LATCH Anchor System, Provides Ideal Support for Proper Posture, Up-Front Adjustment
Contoured Seat
Buckle Closure
Armrests, Cup holders, Full-Body Support Cushions, Removable Head Support
Front- or Rear-Facing Seat
Adjustable Head Support, Removable Seat Pad for Easy Washing
Energy Absorbent Foam Fill
Flame Retardant, Supports Baby's Head, Neck and Back
Compatible with Shoulder Seat Belt, Lap Seat Belt
Recommended Ages: Newborn to 6 yrs.
For Children 5-35 lbs. Rear-Facing, 23-65 lbs. Forward-Facing
19W x 26.5H x 18.5L "

Installing the car seat may be a little difficult if you have little room to work. Patience is the key, and really it was no more difficult than installing my Peg or SafeGuard Seat. Getting a tight fit was not very difficult. It was a little difficult tightening the harness when your child is rear facing. Once the seat is forward facing, and the harness was easy to adjust. My favorite features are the removable headrest, being able to use the seat rear and forward facing, and the beautiful, plush cover. The cover seems to be durable and even if you use it throughout the toddler years, allowing your child to snack in the seat, I think it will hold up. It is easy to clean and rubbing with a damp cloth should do the trick for most common messes, like stuck on Cheerios. For big messes, unsnap the cover and hand wash. The fabric seems to be of high quality. We received a Cappuccino car seat and I think it is a great gender neutral choice. This car seat is safe and when your child is strapped in, they look pretty comfy with plenty of room to stretch! I was impressed with the plush padding and I think it would be ideal for long trips. A cup holder on the side is great for older children and you can place it on the right or left.
When we needed to transition our children out of a rear facing seat, I searched for a seat that offered a 5-point harness. I personally would not use a seat without it. The Safe Fit Car Seat offers the 5-point harness from from 5 to 65 lbs. I really like the deep side wings, which offer more protection in a side-impact collision. I would feel safe knowing my children were riding in this seat.

The True Fit Convertible Car Seats have been rated four out of five stars by NHTSA for their ease of use in:
Installation features
Securing the child
All car seats rated by NHTSA must also meet Federal Safety Standards and strict crash performance standards.

So, what could be done to improve this seat? New parents can always use an instructional DVD. Baby gear is intimidating to some. Let's face it, there's a lot riding on it. A DVD would be helpful, but I recommend that all car seats are inspected after they are installed. Second, when the seat is rear facing, it would be nice if the harness were easier to tighten. Let me add that tightening the harness is not difficult, but it is easier on some models. Would I use this car seat long term for my children? You bet. This durable car seat has earned my respect. I think this affordable seat is ideal for any new parent. The cozy seat fits children 5-65 pounds. It's plush and the colors choices are great. Buy one online or pick one up at Target!

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