Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Have Pouch, Will Travel-Peter Rabbit Organics!

I've seen Peter Rabbit Organics on the grocery shelves, but I never paid them any mind. I didn't have anything against them, I just thought it was another puree. You've seen one, you've seen them all. I have never been more mistaken. Peter Rabbit Organics delicious fruit purees aren't your typical baby and toddler purees. Completely organic, completely pure. I was impressed with the short and sweet ingredient list. Pure fruit. That's it! No water, no sugar, no preservatives. The pouches have a wonderful choke-proof top that screws on and off. It's easy to replace, just in case your child doesn't finish a pouch. Unopened, the pouches store in the pantry. It's recommended that opened pouches are stored in the refrigerator. I opened our first pouch and treated my children to the Strawberry and Banana Puree. I squeezed some into the spoon (which I only did because my children were sharing) and my youngest had the first taste. He loved it! I really didn't think my 6 year old would go for it, because the contents look like baby food, but he was eager to try it. After he tasted it, I divided the pouch between them. My oldest loved it. The second puree we tried was the Mango, Banana, and Orange. The flavors worked well together, and the fruity concoction was gone within a minute. My children devoured it! The third puree was the Apple and Grape. I gave my oldest a spoonful and he liked the flavors. He described it as really great applesauce. My husband was eager to taste. He has been an organic food fan long before it became so popular. He's tried many organic applesauces in the past, and the Apple and Grape Puree outshines them all. He said it is the best applesauce he has ever tasted, and that says a lot! I wanted to test out the pouch because it's perfect to use without a spoon. After the cap is removed, a little tube is exposed. It works just like a straw, and you can squeeze the pouch as you "drink" the contents so nothing gets left behind. I gave it to my 14 month old and watched him. He emptied the pouch quickly without spilling a drop. If any of you have ever watched one of those vacuum sealers suck the air out of a package, my baby boy did the same thing to this pouch. I could not believe it. He has not even mastered using a straw. If I hand him a cup with a straw, I usually end up pinching up a few drops of liquid and releasing it into his mouth. He needed no help with this pouch! It was a satisfying fruit snack and it took care of an entire fruit serving. The pouches are ideal for lunchboxes and diaper bags. Send them with your children when they have play dates. The pouches travel well and they are great for the car! I will definitely purchase these pouches. After trying them, I'm a little angry with myself for ever passing them by. Pick them up from your local supermarket! If they are not available in your area, you can get them from Amazon!

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