Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eyes Cream Shades!

 Logan and Sam love their new Eyes Cream Shades! When we went to Jekyll Island, it was really bright outside. Logan complained about the brightness and his eyes watered frequently. Before leaving for St. Augustine, I contacted Eyes Cream Shades and requested a pair of sunglasses for Logan and Sam.
 We were sent the blueberry ice for Logan, and the vanilla malt for Sam. They each came in a soft blue pouch, perfect for cleaning Sam's fingerprints off the lens! The frames fit them well and I didn't have to worry that they would slide off into the water when Logan and Sam laid down on the dock and looked over the edge, trying to spot  a few fish.
 Sam and Logan never complained about the bright sunshine in St. Augustine.Their delicate eyes were covered and they could enjoy the beach, sightseeing, and the boat. The shades are comfortable and stylish and are looking forward to using them on all of our vacations! Look for Eyes Cream Shades in future posts!
Disclosure: We were sent a pair for Logan and Sam in order to complete our review.

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