Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Pirate Adventure!

After arriving in St. Augustine, we put our boat in and docked at the marina. Immediately, I noticed the most colorful ship in the marina, a beautiful pirate ship that would take us on our first adventure of the day. The Black Raven, which is operated by Black Raven Adventures! This pirate ship cruise features the best dressed pirates in the city and they aren't lacking when it comes to pirate humor. The ship is located at the City Marina. They don't have their own parking lot, so parking might be tricky, especially during peak season. There's metered street parking and there are parking lots all over the city. Rates may vary.
After parking, make your way to the Black Raven Store. It is located in front of the marina. For departure times, look here! You need to arrive and purchase your ticket least thirty minutes before departure. Enjoy this time watching the boats coming in and going out. Before walking aboard the Black Raven, have your picture taken with pirates!
You will have the chance to purchase those pictures during the show. Just in case you are wondering, the pirates are respectful and we watched several interactions with guests. The pirates were never pushy about making a sale. I must admit, the picture would make a wonderful keepsake! After finding a seat, we listened to rules and learned about safety onboard. There are restrooms onboard, one for Wenches and one for Pirates. It would have been a little difficult to use them during some of the scenes because you would need to walk through the middle of an "act" to get to them! Other than that, there's plenty of bench seating and you can even change seats to get different views.
The skits are rehearsed, but never scripted, so each adventure is unique. Logan was really into it all and he sang along (we all did!) and he loved the interaction between pirates and passengers! We listened to songs and stories, humorous banter between the pirates, and one pirate even brought out a guitar and played! On our way back to the marina, we were given the chance to use the restrooms, move around, and buy drinks and snacks. Things are pricey, but you will appreciate an ice cold beverage after an afternoon on the water!
Oly Mackerel was my favorite pirate and he led the others through this amazing adventure. He was witty and charming! All of the pirates were, and they got into their roles and they seemed very convincing! The show is about an hour and a half long and they offer different tours so be sure to check their schedule! This was a wonderful start for our St. Augustine visit. It was a truly enjoyable experience!
Disclosure: I was given passes for my family in exchange for this review.

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