Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Sun Holidays!

I like to spend my holidays in the sun. I prefer a nice warm beach or green countryside, but I wouldn't turn down a trip somewhere else if it involved sun and a family friendly adventure. I found a great website that highlights some of the best Winter sun holidays to beat the winter blues! Just imagine, a vacation in Southern Africa, with an awe inspiring safari tour and a cage dive with magnificent Great White sharks. Okay, that may not be your dream, but I would give just about anything to have that once-in-a-lifetime experience! At, The Home of Holiday-Rentals, I found great tips for holidays and inspiration ideas!

An Easter break in England would also be nice! Imagine a week in a country cottage surrounded by lush gardens. I hear that April is the perfect time to visit the Heart of England! It's awash with the colors of Spring. The brilliant sun-kissed daffodils make sleepy villages and rolling green hills come alive. Explore historic places like Tamworth Castle, Hereford’s Norman Cathedral, and Shropshire’s famous Iron Bridge monument! There are also plenty of quiet hamlets and villages waiting to be explored in Gloucestershire‘s Cotswolds. I can't imagine a more relaxed destination. Look into renting a home away from home at HomeAway! It may help you have the perfect vacation!

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