Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Expect the Best, Prepare for the Worst

Guest Post

I have spent countless hours imagining how my vacation is going to go. The food I will eat, the yummy drinks I will drink, the fluffy bed I will sleep in , the flow-ey dresses I will wear, the heated pool I will swim in---all of it! The one thing I have tried desperately not to think of is all of the terrible things that could possibly go wrong and keep me from bringing those beautiful daydreams to fruition. Unfortunately, the reality is that there a LOT of of things that could possibly go wrong with a vacation. On the less serious (though still thoroughly suck-y) side of things your luggage might get lost, damaged, or stolen and/or your flights or travel plans can be delayed or canceled. On the much more serious side of that you may have to cancel your trip altogether due to a death in the family or serious illness or natural disaster. No one likes to focus on the possible catastrophes that might occur before or during a vacation, but that also doesn't mean it is okay to pretend they are not possibilities. That is why I have decided to try to be prepared with travel insurance. This way I don't have to sit around and worry what will happen if I need to cancel the trip or suddenly find myself with no clothes or personal belongings while I am away from home. I went on to get some tips and tricks for finding the policy that is going to be right for my trip. No one can ever truly anticipate when some sort of tragedy, big or small, will strike but it is important to have at least some sort of a plan in place for how to proceed if it does. Obviously no insurance can cover the emotional implications of something going wrong, but at least you will not have to worry about money in your time of need.

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