Sunday, August 19, 2012

Great Tale For Children! Beautifully Illustrated!

I recently read Adventures of the Little Red Fox. This story is quite unique and it teaches a lesson in communication that all children should learn!

Follow the little red fox into the forest on his first springtime adventure. He leaves home while his parents are still asleep. In his search for excitement he encounters other forest dwellers. He makes friends with a beaver family as they are busy repairing their dam and there he learns his first lesson. The beaver explains to him why beaver dams are so important. Just as he leaves to go home he has an accident. When he gets totally lost in the forest and is tired and scared, he meets a deer and her fawn. Will they take pity upon him and return the little fox to his parents? What will he tell his worried parents when he returns home? How will they greet him after searching for him for many hours?

I enjoyed the book and I think it's a great book to read to small children. Sam (my four year old) loved the tale, which involved a variety of animals. Logan (he's nine) enjoyed it too, but he thought he was a bit old for it. It was an easy read for him, but small children may have some difficulty with the words. It is the type of book that you want to read with your kids while you are cuddling on the couch or when they are snuggled into bed. It will warm your heart and hopefully teach children to ask an adult before they decide to venture out on their own! This book has a happy ending. Even though things don't always turn out so well in real life, this book doesn't scare young readers. It serves as a gentle reminder that children should always ask permission before starting off on an adventure and they should never go far! This book is beautifully illustrated and will even educate your children a little on the topics of nature and wildlife! Get your copy from Balboa Press or Amazon!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored review, but any opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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