Thursday, August 23, 2012

Move Over Tooth Fairy! Read Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose !

Recently, I was asked to review a children's book. I love reviewing books. I love surrounding myself with books and I hope to pass my love of books to my children. Years ago, I began reading to Logan and our favorites were Dr. Seuss books and poems written by Shel Silverstein. For years, I tried to add something new to our collection. I wanted something written in a similar way. Basically, something I could read in a sing song way to keep my kids smiling as they drifted off to sleep. Guess what? After years of searching, this wonderful author found me and now I have what I've always wanted more of. A perfect book. Keep in mind that just because it's my definition of perfection, you may not agree. I can't imagine why, but that's a possibility. Here's more about the book:

From Amazon: Caraboose is a funny creature who takes over for the tooth fairies when they go on vacation: "They pack up their bags and fly straight to Cancun or Aruba or Brussels or even the moon." Caraboose says: "You have to believe in the fairy tooth moose while shaking and wiggling your tooth 'til it's loose, then carry it home in your pocket from school, keep it in there while watching TV as a rule." He has lots of other advice, and promises to give the teeth to the fairies for their brew so the magic "will float back to you." Great for parents, teachers, and librarians to read to very young readers and fun for older children to read on their own. The brightly illustrated poem will light up every dental office, too.

"Do you have a loose tooth

or a space in your head

where your old tooth came out

or hangs loose by a thread?"

Isn't it great? It gets better! Caraboose the Tooth Fairy Moose is a delightful children's picture book written by Lynn Swanson and illustrated by Bonnie Lemaire. It's Dr. Seuss meets Shel Silverstein. Parents and children will fall in love with this book. It is one of the rare books that I have reviewed that has earned a permanent slot on our bookshelf. It's perfect for bedtime because it takes less than half an hour to read, even if you add the silly faces and voices! If you are looking for a book to make bedtime special or if you just want a silly read that will captivate your children, get your copy from Amazon! Look for more great books from Lynn Swanson soon!

About the Author

Lynn Swanson earned her Bachelor's degree in fine arts from the University of Michigan and her Master of Arts degree in creative writing from Michigan State University. Swanson teaches playwriting, poetry and fiction at the Tai Sophia Institute and is a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. Swanson's other work includes a fiction novel for middle school readers titled "Summer Dance" which was published in 2011 by CreateSpace. Stay tuned for Swanson's new book "Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Sounds" which will be available for purchase in 2013.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a copy of this book for review. Opinions expressed are my own and not influenced in any way.

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