Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Cycling Holidays!

I've never really thought about a cycling holiday. When I think of vacations, I think of hotels on the beach, mountain retreats, and great cities, and I can get to them by plane, train, or a car. When I get to my destination, I see the sights on foot, take a cab, or use the subway. With more and more people riding bikes, I was interested in the idea of a cycling vacation! It would be a vacation option that I'd be interested in! I love bikes and I am just getting back into riding. I think it would be a great way to tour the county! You can usually have your choice of guided and self-guided cycling holidays, bike tours, and cycle trips, in the UK, across Europe, and throughout the rest of the world. You can set your own pace and enjoy the sights around you!

Take a mountain bike holiday in the UK, Europe and throughout Asia, Africa and South America. I think I'd take an adventure in Borneo. It combines biking, hiking, beach-time and sightseeing plus time with the orangutans of Sepolik! That would be a trip I'd want to write home about! If you prefer road cycling, you can also  book a trip in the UK, Europe and throughout Asia, Africa and South America. Road cycling holidays in France, road cycling holidays in Italy and road cycling holidays in Spain sound like grand adventures! I'd take the Road to Ronda holiday in Southern Spain. It's not to be missed! Of course a Coast and Castles Holiday combines all of my favorite sites, and it would be an amazing opportunity to tour from Newcastle upon Tyne to Edinburgh! 

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