Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Perfect Children's Book For Rainy Days!

 I've been on trips before with my kids and we've ended up sitting inside the hotel room because of bad weather. Vacations are supposed to be FUN! You plan everything and try to make vacations perfect. It breaks my heart to see my kids disappointed when I worked so hard to make them happy! I've got a back up plan the next time Mother Nature decides change our plans. I wish I had this book back then. Next time that happens, the FUN is going to continue when I take out our copy of Pop the Bubbles 1 2 3!
Experience a day in the life of two youngsters as they learn to count while they skip, hop, jump, and bounce. The main characters, Chloe and Bryce cannot wait to get to FUN class. Follow them as they enjoy music and physical activities while they count to 10. Keep your eyes out for hidden pictures in the book that include a dog that loves peanut butter and a bear named 2. The illustrations, by Mark Wayne Adams, bring the story to life through colorful page turning images. This brings the simplicity of counting to a new level of excitement. Counting to 10 has never been so much FUN!

Pop the Bubbles 1 2 3 is a cleverly written book by Jennifer Goble. Jennifer is quite talented when it comes to writing. It seems to me that she's quite talented when it comes to a lot of things! Jennifer is an energetic wife and mother of two wonderful children. She owns and operates FUNdamentals, which offers Parent & Me classes in Forest Hill, MD. She may be best known for her radiant smile and passion for life, but I know her best as the hero of two children in this book. After two adorable children wake for the day, they discover dreary skies and not a lot to do. Their mom saves the day when she turns a drab day into something unforgettable. Mom suggests going to FUN class and the excitement begins to build for Chloe and Bryce! Her own excitement is contagious and I found myself smiling along with them and eager to turn the page to see what happened next!!! After they arrive at fun class, the children get to do all the things that children love to do. As I read this book aloud, my own children began playing along with the children in the book. They jumped with Chloe and Bryce. They bounced! They rolled and raced! This is the first book I've read aloud that really got my four year old moving for a reason other than boredom. I've read hundreds of books to my kids and I don't think either of my children have ever "played along" with children in a book. I think it's brilliant and it was the perfect book to read on our own dreary day. We counted and my youngest began to count with me. There are other activities in the book and my kids were able to "join in" as if they were in their own FUN class! Some of the simple activities will challenge younger children. They really helped my youngest and he was never overwhelmed. My kids enjoyed every page and we've read it together a few times since. It has a great flow and I love books that rhyme. I think they are more entertaining for children. I'm keeping this book on their shelf! I wouldn't recommend it for a bedtime reading, but if you ever wake to grey skies and not a lot to do, this is the perfect way to get your little one moving!!! It's a fun book to add to your collection or give as a gift. Get it at Amazon!

Disclosure: I was given this book to provide a review. A positive review was not required.

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