Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Ambassador Ashley's review of "The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle" by Linda Cadose

The Underwater Pyramid In The Bermuda Triangle Review

 The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle

About The Book:
 Dr. Post returns! Hello friends! I'm back and ready for a new adventure. This time, our destination is the Bermuda Triangle, a place of mystery and intrigue. We'll join another dear friend, marine archaeologist Dr. Kyle Wilson, and we'll discover the lost city of Atlantis hidden in the depths of this infamous stretch of the Atlantic Ocean. The location has been been an enigma throughout our existence. In our underwater adventure we'll discover royal mummies inside a spectacular underwater pyramid and we'll get a team together to salvage the antimatter engine found inside the pyramid. What will we find? Did the ancient Egyptians descend from the Atlanteans? Read The Underwater Pyramid in the Bermuda Triangle and together we'll discover the secrets of the deep!
My Review: 

The Author has brought us another exciting adventure. This time deep in the water's of the Bermuda Triangle and everyone knows odd things are known to go on there. Tons of things including ships coming up missing and a few people disappearing too.
The Underwater Pyramid follows Dr. Cliff Post the archeologist , his adopted son Matt, and Kyle Wilson a marine archaeologist, to their discovery of an underwater pyramid in the Bermuda triangle just off the coast of Cuba. They end up finding different things including mummies in water tight coffins, walls with cryptic hieroglyphs and a treasure chest full of different things. As they explore the pyramid they find things, that proves Dr. Post's theory of aliens and the lost city of Atlantis. 
~Ashley, age 15

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