Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Review from Ambassador Ashley- "Catch The Wind" by Tomas Trujillo

About The Book:
Product Details Catch The Wind is the extraordinary adventure of two young boys who venture into the heartland of gator country in the Mississippi swamplands. Their exciting and perilous journey by raft down the mighty Mississippi River leaves you with only one thought: What will they do next?

My Review:

Catch The Wind is full of adventure from the very beginning. River was headed to his favorite fishing hole when he spotted a boy fighting with the fish on the end of his line. So River rushes over to the boy and starts to help pull the fish up and out of the water. The fish just happens to be the biggest catfish ever seen and the boy turns out to be his new neighbor, William. They do almost everything together, even getting in to trouble. River's grandpa comes to visit and starts telling the boys about a giant gator. This, peaking the boys interests starts them planning to build a home-made raft to take down the Mississippi River. 

I have three brothers so I feel like I know what adventure is all about. This story reminds me a lot of my brothers and all the wild crazy things they get into. The author has done an outstanding job of making me feel like I was a part of the story.

~Ashley, age 15

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