Thursday, July 18, 2013

YouTube Opportunity For Kids to Participate In Once A Month-Current Reading List

The current reading list (for August 2013) is below for any kid age 5-16 to review on YouTube. (You do not have to be an ambassador to enter.)
Please read the rules carefully.


  1. We must have at least five reviewers in any given month to have a drawing. Those eligible will be chosen by for a gift certificate to Toys R Us.
  2. You can only do ONE review per month.
  3. Please do not repeat the same review in a following month, you will be disqualified for that month
  4. We will not provide the books to you but they can be purchased on sites like
  5. We want to hear and see kid reviews only. Please parents do not do the review. You may however, prompt your child on camera to answer questions about the book. eg. What they liked/don't like about the book, favorite character, something get the idea
  6. We reserve the right to use the videos on our Away We Go YouTube Page, our Facebook Page, our Blogger page and any of the authors books pages you use. You will not be compensated in any way for such use or for uploading to YouTube or any other social media site.
  7. Please include on video the child's first name only and age. Also what book you are reviewing.
  8. We expect to see the book on camera in the video as well.
  9. Email us the link to the YouTube review to:  This is the only way we will know who to send the prize to if won.
  10. Have fun and be creative! We like that! :)
  11. Drawings will be held the end of every month and announced on Facebook and our Blogger Page

Book List For August

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