Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ambassador Tea's Reviews

Our Ambassador, Tea cranked out two more reviews today. Wow!
Keep on reading! You are doing a great job, Tea.

About "Peppers Problem With Patience":
"I kind of like this book. It teaches kids to be patient. And there left from right. AND not to scream and shout but to ask someone and wait. I think it was funny at the end when Polly " Polly want a cracker."

About "Stuck In The Doldrums": "I really like this book. It would teach kids that don't share how to share. I don't think Captain No Beard was really being fair telling others what to do with their things. (in this case, a sandcastle.) I really like that Hallie was trying to get the rest of the crew to help Captain No Beard. She is a good influence."
~Tea, age 10

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