Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Reading Club Ambassador Ashley's Reviews

Our Summer Club Reading Ambassador, Ashley, turned in several reviews today. You can find all of the reviews on her personal blog HERE.
This is her review about "If You Were Me and Lived In France".

""If You Were Me and Lived in...France-A Child's Introduction to Culture Around the World" is the second book in Carole P. Roman's remarkable series about countries all over the globe. With each book covering a different nation, Roman opens up a world of wonder while highlighting the fact that underneath it all we are far more alike than we might have imagined. Focusing on what life would be like from a child's viewpoint, she examines the diversity of the people who make up our planet.

My Review:

Carole P. Roman has done it again with If You Were Me And Lived In...France, which is about France and its history. This book tells all about France, from the fun things to do there, to the best foods to eat. I loved how perfectly the Illustrations corresponded with the story. Each and every picture was bright and colorful as the last. On almost every page was a new way for us to pronounce words, as simple as mommy, in French. One thing that I really enjoyed learning about in this book was a very special day in France. French National Day, which just happens to be on July the 14th, which is celebrated with parades and fireworks, commemorating the beginning of the French Revolution. This is the second book in the series A Child's Introduction to Cultures Around the World."
~Ashley, Age 15

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