Friday, July 25, 2014

Our Second Treatment: The Strawberry Laser

 Last week, we had our first Strawberry Laser treatments. I was really excited to have my second treatment, but I did wonder about a couple things after the treatment. I am sure others will wonder too, so I hope I can help you when you are deciding if this is the right treatment for you. First of all, I wanted to know if I was just losing water weight (and inches) and if I would end up where I started when I went in for my second treatment. For people that want to invest in this treatment, I think that would be a legitimate concern. Does it really work? When I was measured and photographed for my second treatment, I had indeed kept most of the inches off. I did gain back an inch in the middle of my abdomen and half an inch on my upper abdomen, but I could easily blame that on my grandmother's birthday cake a few days before. My lower abdomen measurements showed that I had continued to lose after my first treatment! Because my overall measurements "before" treatment number two were very close to my "after" measurements taken right after the first treatment,  I can say, without any doubt, the first treatment worked. I feel confident that follow up treatments will work too based on these results.

Another issue that people may wonder about is their skin. I didn't notice any changes except my skin seemed tighter. That was the result I was hoping for. I've lost weight before, and after two c-sections, that droopiness only looked worse. Sure I could fit into smaller pants, but I thought if I managed to lose the weight, I would definitely have to go in to have the excess skin removed. I've seen it too many times before, working for a plastic surgeon. Even with liposuction, it does nothing for your skin. It sags!!! If you are young, sometimes it will bounce back to an extent. But it isn't tight.

I may still need that in the future, but after two treatments and the loss of a few inches, my skin is surprisingly tighter and I am no longer positive that I will have to have the skin removed. When I look in the mirror, it is no longer something I think about. I am eager to have my next treatment in a week. I am seeing wonderful changes in my body and I think you will too. Below are the photos from my first and second treatment. The top photo is me before having my first treatment. The photo below that shows me after my second treatment. While I still have a long way to go, I think I've already come a long way. Weight loss alone has never given me results (contour) like this. Click here to see my first post.
Before the first treatment and after the second treatment.

My husband's photos are at the top of the post. He lost seven inches after his second treatment. He still has me beat on the inches lost, but I think my results are more visible. I lost 5.6 inches after my second treatment. That brings my total up to 12 inches lost after two treatments! Each treatment lasted 20 minutes. This time, since I went to the office to have my treatment, I was able to try out the vibrating platform that is used after each treatment. I loved it so much, I ordered one before I made it out of Atlanta. 

With the Strawberry Laser, each treatment tightens your skin. You can watch videos here! Follow LiLa Body Contouring on Facebook for more great information!

Disclosure: Please seek the advice of a doctor before having treatments. The results shown above are mine and my husband's and while I expect you to have similar results, I have no control over the outcome. The photos above have not been retouched. I did not pay for these treatments and I did not receive financial compensation to post this. If you would like to speak to me regarding my treatment or experience, you can find me on Facebook. My link is on the sidebar.

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