Monday, April 11, 2016

Brood X by Michael Phillip Cash

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Awards for Brood X:
NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner
Readers Views 2014 Reviewers Choice Award
Rebecca's Reads Choice Awards Winner
Script Pipeline 2013 Finalist - 4th place out of 4500 screenplays
  • "Simple,straightforward, flashlight-on-the-face campfire tale meant to induce nightmares." - Mark McLaughlin - Foreward Reviews
  • "Cash has written a harrowing tale of survival against all odds of a supernatural nature.As summer gets hot, Brood X will cool you down by sending chills down your back." Nina Schuyler, Author - TheTranslator
  • "Part creature-feature with all of the traditional elements of the great 50s films...part homage to the fairly recent genre of found-footage horror films--Brood X is a quick, fun read." - Michael R.Collings -
  • "A TwilightZone-like horror story of biblical proportions." - Mark McLaughlin - ForewardReviews
  • "Horror at its best...up close and personal, and inflicted with ways that address humanity's inherent fear of and disgust for bugs." - MarkMcLaughlin - Foreward Reviews
  • "Breathing new life into a genre that has been occupied too long by the usual suspects: sickness, the undead and global warming." - Kirkus Review

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