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How to teach your child to write better with these 5 awesome tips

How to Teach Your Child to Write Better With These 5 Awesome Tips how to teach your child to write better 

 Writing can be quite an uphill task for any child. As such, it is the duty of the parent to teach the child how to write in the best way possible. It is worth noting that as childhood writing is crucial in that it is during this stage that the child develops his/her writing skills. Here are 5 awesome tips that you can use to train your kid to write better:

Encourage the child to write often

Usually, better and near perfect writing comes about through practice. Let the child develop an interest in writing regularly as a hobby or a sport. In the first few weeks, you can let the child write whatever he/she wants but after some time, you can choose the words or phrases that you want the kid to write. Encouraging the child to write regularly goes a long way in enabling the child to write better and in a good handwriting. At first, it is likely that the child will be reluctant to write but with time, the child will develop a habit of writing frequently.

Involve the child in your writing

As a parent, you should lead by example. Therefore, when writing something at home, you should involve the child. For instance, when writing a grocery list, birthday/holiday cards, writing notes, and preparing family invitations, it is important to involve the child. This involvement sparks a writing interest and behavior in the child. When involving the child in family writing, avoid teaching him/her complex details such as formatting requirements as such details might be too complex for the child to comprehend. Instead, you should be interested in assessing how good the child is at writing.

Be helpful in the best way you can

More often than not, children shy off from saying anything as they do not feel confident enough. When such is the case, you should motivate your child to speak their mind, particularly when asking for the correct spelling, punctuation or usage of words. This is very crucial in enhancing the child’s writing and pronunciation skills. You should avoid being a critic of your child’s effort. Instead, you should be a pillar of support of the child. Being critical of the baby can be quite disastrous to the child as it can greatly demotivate the child and make him/her feel like they are not doing the right thing.

Create a word climate at home

The basis of great writing lies in creating a climate and atmosphere of words at home. Let the child get used to living around words and learning how to use words to express their feelings. Children tend to have good writing, reading, and taking skills when they get used to having words around them. You should train your children to be attentive of the words used to describe things, actions, and emotions that they are exposed to on a daily basis. You can also buy the child a word chart to use for writing and pronunciation practice. These charts have words that children are familiar with thereby making it easy for them to have a grasp of what they are writing or saying.

Provide a suitable writing environment at home

A child should practice writing in a quiet and serene environment away from noise and distractions. This is so that the child can peacefully concentrate on learning how to write well without being interrupted or distracted. A quiet corner in a study room can be a perfect place for the child to learn how to write better. In addition to getting a quiet place for the child to learn how to write, it is important that you also purchase the right reading and writing material. These include a comfortable chair, a desk of appropriate height, and other materials such as pencil, pen, and a writing pad. An eraser is also important. Always ensure that the baby has enough elbow room when practicing how to write for easy movement of the hand and elbow.


Depending on the child’s age, you may also get a dictionary for him/her. As much as your child is learning how to write better, it is also important for them to have a good comprehension and command of the language the child is writing in. This, in turn, sharpens the mind of the child thereby making it easy for the child to be a bright student overall. Want to see some great stuff you can buy for your kids? Click here for some awesome product suggestions.

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