Thursday, December 1, 2016

Doctor works to discover brilliance in every child

After realizing the ineffectiveness of many special needs curriculums, Dr. JoQueta Handy, Ph.D, CCC-SLP has taken it upon herself to create a method of learning that focuses on what the child can do as opposed to what they can’t. Her program is called the Children’s Opportunity for Brilliance, or COB model, and is designed to hone in on the child’s strengths to find a route of learning that best suits them.

Though the program was designed with children with learning disabilities in mind, the COB model has proven to be an effective learning tool for any student who uses it. This is because it’s simply a different way to approach how someone is able to learn. The strategy opts for honing in on the student’s strengths in order to promote good habits and a willingness to learn.

Through the use of various teaching strategies and sophisticated brain technologies, the COB model has led to a 70 percent improvement in students after just 16 hours of one-on-one instruction.

In its current form, the special needs education system is indeed a broken one. However, through individual attention through the COB model and a celebration of the uniqueness of every child, Dr. Handy believes this broken system can one day be fixed to ensure the potential of every student is recognized.

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