Monday, September 24, 2012

Finding The Best Hotels

 There are plenty of sites that allow you to book hotels and many offer cheap rates. Is that really what you want when you finally have the chance to go on a grand adventure? I would rather have a hand picked hotel that promised the best of the best. I want to experience pleasure and I want to indulge in everything from food to luxurious surroundings.A great hotel can make your dreams come true. If you can find one, get ready for an unrivaled first class vacation experience.
I've always dreamed of visiting Scotland. If I could go anywhere, that would be my first choice. I would love to visit Norton House Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh. Even their classic rooms are well-appointed. Of course if I could, I'd upgrade to a suite and pretend I was a princess for a week. Why not? The Chilston Park Hotel in Kent would also sweep me off my feet. With a fairy tale setting, it has beautiful grounds and rich history that fascinates me. Imagine a week within those walls. I'd never want to leave!

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  1. That's lovely! Edinburgh itself is a best place for spending pleasant days and I hope most all the hotels located there will make us stunning and arrest our hearts with its landscape beauties!